Hi Monkey - handmade woodwork


At Hi Monkey we have a big goal


High quality craftsmanship in combination with efficient expediency. The processing as well as the expedience are in the foreground. We only use products whose origin we know. The processing is done purely with natural raw materials.


Most of our work happens in the Breitenau am Hochlantsch. We are currently building a network of partners across Europe.


Working with reliable and experienced partners gives us guaranteed quality. By cohesion with each other, we can grow together



How is a product created at Hi Monkey?


Efficiency is in the foreground. After we have put a product in the head, we start with a detailed search. From books to forums, from Youtube to the experiences and narratives and ideas of people who meet us.


We work out a plan and decide which materials are suitable. Exchange with specialists from the respective area. Review the collected information again and finally work on prototypes begins.


These are tested by us, made from the self-experience improvements again. The final production takes place at partner companies in the EU.



Values - What do we believe in?


Knowing its origin. Respect the environment and appreciate it. Despite our many travels, we keep coming back to our origins. So it is with our products. We know their origin and come back again and again. To deliver guaranteed quality.


The conditions on site are regularly checked by us. Nature must not be exploited.


Without the wonderful resource tree there would be no life in this world.


Whether customer, employee or stranger. We always meet our counterpart with an open ear.



Competences - What can we do?


We offer individual laser prints on request. The customer sends us his desired motive, in the first step we process the image on the computer.


In the second step, a pre-print will be made. This gets the customer to see. Improvements can be made.


The image will only be printed on the selected product after the customer has given its consent.